If you just need one appointment to mark as paid, go
Through the
Calendar View

  1. Click on the appointment you wish to mark as paid. And a box like this 

should show up. Click the "Mark as Paid" button. If you have accidentally or mistakenly pressed the "Mark as Paid" button, you can always undo that by going to the "Actions" button and click "Edit this Appointment"

Scroll down and untick that little box right there 

Don't forget to click "Save Changes".

Through the List View

  1. Click the "Scheduling" icon and then click "List View" 

2. Click the dropdown button below and select "Unpaid Appointments" 

and then click "Fetch". It will then refresh the page to show the customers that haven't paid their appointment yet. Tick the boxes of the customers you want to mark as paid as shown below 

Scroll up and click the "Bulk Actions" button and then click "Mark as Paid".

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