Difference between "Customer Status Types" and their "Customer Types"

Customer Status Types

  1. Click an appointment

2. A box will pop up and you should see the highlighted box below. On that drop down list, you can see four (4) status types: Active, Stand-By, Cancelled and Completed.

           a. If an appointment is ACTIVE, it means it is scheduled or currently in progress
           b. If an appointment is STAND-BY, it means the appointment is not confirmed                       yet but also not cancelled
           c. If an appointment is CANCELLED,it means that the appointment has been                         cancelled
           d. If an appointment is COMPLETED, it means that the appointment has been                       completed

Customer Types

  1. Click on the "Contacts" icon and click "All contacts"

2. It will pop up a page that looks the one below and on the right side (the one in the red box) is the different customer types: Lead, One-time Customers, Recurring Customer and Former Customers

       a. A LEAD is somebody whose information was captured from an email or a home             advisor and you put it in the system but they didn't necessarily made an                         appointment
       b. ONE-TIME CUSTOMERS are those people who have only one appointment                    and did not sign up for a recurring service
       c. RECURRING CUSTOMERS are those that signed up for a recurring service
       d. FORMER CUSTOMERS are those that haven't had any appointments with you                 for at least 6 weeks

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